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Eligible tour organizers, hosts, or tour leaders (Priests, Pastors, Deacons, Nuns, etc.) get a special deal when they travel with RTEP as compensation for planning, advertising shepherding the group during the tour. If you have 15 people or more willing to travel together, then you have a tour group. Our tours are usually up to one large busload (55 passengers).

As a tour leader, all you have to do is set a date for your tour and answer a few questions related to the arrangements, itinerary, and expected outcomes of the tour, and RTEP will do the rest of the detailed planning. 

We will book flights, hotels, guides, meals, transportation, Masses and Services, and marketing brochures. We will also answer pilgrim's questions, handle all reservations and accounting, keep track of invoices and payments. 

Be sure that our professional support will guide your every step of the pilgrimage. 

The Pilgrimage Planning Process...


  • We recommend that you allow 12-18 months for the planning of your pilgrimage. The Holy Land requires flights and hotels to be booked months in advance.

  • Once we have customized your pilgrimage itinerary and set the tour price, RTEP will provide you with flyers and posters to promote your pilgrimage.

  • Promoting your pilgrimage requires your active promotion. You need to talk about your tour. You will need to announce it in the church bulletin, on the church website, on social media, and anywhere else as needed. You will need to host information meetings; if you are in CT or the NY and MA areas, RTEP will be happy to meet and greet your prospective pilgrims and do a PowerPoint presentation.

  • To sign up for the tour, we will provide the registration forms and contracts and directly follow all accounting issues with the travelers.

  • RTEP and the tour host will continue cooperation, sharing information, and helping you promote and answer any questions. 

During the pilgrimage...

  • Your travel managers and guide will be available to advise and answer any questions. They will cooperate and coordinate with you any changes or requests. Your leadership, patience, attitude, and reflections will have a tremendous impact on your pilgrims and set the tour's pace and tone. You lead, and they follow.

After the pilgrimage...

Life-long personal relationships can develop following an RTEP to the Holy Land. First and foremost, we pray and strive that every pilgrim has a personal encounter with the Lord. Second, pilgrims, while traveling, enact beautiful bonds and develop ministries.

You have walked with your pilgrims on the road to Emmaus in the land of the Holy One. Now, you can continue to shepherd them in their newly developed, renovated journey of faith.

At the same time,


  • "As pilgrims, we have to learn to be spiritually attached to the sites, but at the same time physically detached from them. tourists want to see the site and pass through it; therefore, their presence in any particular site is physical. As pilgrims, we want to have the site see us and pass through us, and as a consequence our presence in a particular site is spiritual."


  • "As pilgrims, another way is to look at sites from the perspective of the sites themselves. The Sea of Galilee and its landscapes saw the lord and as a result, they commemorate and honor his presence by passing through his earthly life. These sites can give pilgrims enough inspiration to help them see him and pass through his life as well." 

Selected Excerpts from the book,

"Closed For Renovation, On the Road to Emmaus."

(author, Peter E. Sabella) 

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