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When you seek a spiritual encounter with the Divine, by definition, you are no more a tourist but a seeking pilgrim with limitless encounter possibilities. 


You are now joining the millions of pilgrims, starting from Mary, the mother of Jesus, to the Apostles Peter and Paul in their quest for God. They all experienced Him at His appointed space and time. 


We call this encounter the Road to Emmaus and every seeking pilgrim visiting the land of Christ is walking on this road, with or without their knowledge. 


That means that new rules and regulations apply to your travel and touring plans. It would be best if you had a new lens over your eyes to see the land and its people from a different perspective. That also means that you need a guide and spiritual direction capable and willing to shift the tour's main focus from Israel and Palestine to that of the Holy One's land, CHRIST.


Whether historical, political, or religious related to Israel and Palestine, every topic should not overshadow the biblical and especially the New Testament parts of any Christian religiously-based experience.


The reading and the interpretation of the Bible need to be rerouted towards the story of salvation from the fall of Adam to the mysteries of incarnation, death, resurrection, ascension, and the second return of our Lord.


Road to Emmaus Pilgrimages, Ambassadors for Christ do exactly that. Though we are a registered business, we see ourselves Ambassadors, with the know-how to conduct a pilgrimage with maximum spiritual benefit for the pilgrim.


But above all, we sanctify Christ in our hearts following the instruction of the Apostle Peter when he said, "but in your hearts sanctify Christ as Lord. Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an account of the hope that is in you;" (1 Peter 3:15)


The purpose of the Holy Bible as a whole is to tell the story of salvation. If it is not, then there is no reason to call it holy...


You are coming to the Holy Land. The truth is that there is nothing holy about this land. It is holy people who have walked this land and made it so holy. From a Christian point of view, if Jesus had not been here, the whole Bible would not make any sense. He made the land holy, and as a consequence, many of the people mentioned in the Bible became not only holy but saints as well. The Christian pilgrim would not be coming to see the cave of Elijah or the tomb of Abraham if it were not for Jesus...


Selected Excerpts from the book,

"Closed For Renovation, On the Road to Emmaus."

(author, Peter E. Sabella) 

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