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Pilgrimage to the Holy Land is why we established RTEP. For many Christians, especially Catholics, Rome is probably their first pilgrimage destination.

Road to Emmaus Pilgrimages believes that the Holy Land supersedes any other pilgrimage location.


CAN YOU IMAGINE what it is like to be in the same locations where Jesus was?

  • Nazareth, where Mary received the angel of the Annunciation and where Jesus grew up.

  • Capernaum- His hometown.
  • The towns and landscapes around the Sea of Galilee where he had His public ministry.

    Sail in a wooden boat on The Sea of Galilee as Jesus did.

  • Walk down the Mount of Olives.

  • Visit the actual Garden of Gethsemane.

  • Pray at Calvary and the Holy Tomb of the Ressurection.

If you are searching for the cheapest tours, then we probably are not your best choice. There are plenty of alternatives, and this is not how we operate. Meeting the expectations of our quality services, hiring the best guides, using the best hotels, staying away from any hidden costs, and keeping our promise for quality pilgrimages, we cannot compete with the cheaper tours.

  1. RTEP purposely operates a few tours every year. We pay attention to every detail in planning, designing, and operating every tour. 

  2. We give our clients one-on-one service during all stages of the tour, from inception until implementation and after.

  3. When we operate a pilgrimage, every participant receives special personal attention to his/her spiritual needs.

  4. RTEP spends enough time in the initial stages of tour planning with the tour hosts to understand fully their desires from the tour. One of the prime reasons for this is to make sure there are no hidden costs. 

  5. Even though there are thousands of tour guides, we only work with a handful. They speak fluent English and must be Christian.

  6. Our guides understand what a pilgrimage is. They will not take you from shop to shop and will not rush through the holy sites.

  7. Our expert tour advisors, guides, and partners work hard to make sure that our daily itineraries are prompt, reasonable, and well-paced to meet our pilgrimage standard.

  8. Our tours are built keeping in mind group harmony- having like-minded Christian denominations. Unless a group is interfaith or interdenominational, we will not build such tours. 

  9. The drivers for our tours are expert, professional, and clean. 

  10. The shops we recommend have the best quality products and are safe and trustworthy.

  11. We provide every tour with an audio-system to make sure that every pilgrim can hear the guide. 

  12. The guides will make sure that you have enough private and prayerful time at every holy site.

  13. Every pilgrim will receive a free copy of the book, "Closed for Renovation- On the Road to Emmaus."

  14. RTEP will be available 24 hours a day for emergencies and questions.

  15. We assure you of the best service, and the best pilgrimage ever.



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