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Why travel with Road to Emmaus pilgrimages?


  • As guides, we have been a combined experience in the pilgrimage industry for over forty years. Our pilgrimages are tailor-made to give our pilgrims maximum group and individual attention. Our pilgrimages are spiritually oriented, and bible based, praying that Christ will be directing your life during and after the pilgrimage.


  • Our Pilgrimages cover a wide scope of subjects from religious and theological, to historical and archaeological, and also touch on the Middle East and its political environment.


  • Our pilgrimages are designed to help benefit Christians struggling in the Holy Land. All in all, your pilgrimage supports the cause of Christian existence in a land that is losing its Christian population; Christians form only 1.3% of the total population today.


  • We are Christian guides, stay at Christian-run hotels and guest houses as much as possible, and organize our shopping to bring maximum benefit to Christian families, workers, craftsmen, and shopkeepers.

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